Video-Ads coming soon to FACEBOOK!

David Fischer, who the VP of Business and Marketing Relationships for Facebook recently acknowledged that Facebook is all set to launch the video Ads.

It's not very clear how Facebook will make sure that it is not distractive enough to wear-off the user but their strategy could emulate the biggest rival in the market, YouTube, which has been already running the pre-roll Ads for sometime now. It must be noted that YouTube charges the advertiser only if the viewer does not skip the video after a preview of 5 seconds.

The current Facebook layout is non-conducive for the advertisers, with a plain news feed without much animation that barely competes with other feeds from the friends. If they launch the new Ad system, it would immensely enhance the revenues but then it should not be at the cost of an irritated user. It was said that the focus shall be on making a standard 15 second ad format, rather than the current 30 seconds that exists on YouTube and other sites.

These ads are the only way to maintain the expensive servers and sustain the free internet service to the Facebook users world-wide.

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