Apple's secret investment for iPhone 6 and iWatch

Apple's investment into Sapphire glass technology for iPhone 6 and iWatch. It may sound absurd but apple has invested an amount close to $578 million buy to acquire a sapphire glass company but there's a very important rationale behind it. The GT Advanced Technologies is a leading manufacturer of Sapphire glass, which is reportedly stronger and more scratch resistant that the current 'Gorrila' glass used in the iPhone screens. The toughness of sapphire glass is approximately 4 times.

It is interesting to note that the Apple still uses this material in the lens covers but has never been able to fully utilize the potential of the sapphire glass due to it's currently exorbitant price. Apple plans to produce thin sheets of sapphire glass within a couple of years. It is also rumored that it may be used in the upcoming iWatch.      

Arindra Mishra

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