How to download MIUI 5 for Redmi and MIUI 6 for Mi3

Get a sneak peek at the latest MIUI 6 through the official video released by Xiaomi.


Xiaomi has come up with the new round of the MIUI 5 and MIUI 6 releases which you can download from the official website using the following easy steps:

To narrow down your device, click on the brand:

Step 1: select device brand
 Now you can click on your device that will open the download page.

Step 2 : select the device

Then you can click on the Download Full ROM :

 After you download it, transfer it to the root of your SD card in the folder downloaded_rom.

Now, click on settings >about phone>update

 Now click on select update package and then select the file in the downloaded_rom folder. You are good to go. Click on Update and the update will begin. Needless to mention that you should backup the contacts and data before update and if you fry up your phone or smoke comes out of it, we are not responsible

Here is a homescreen screenshot of MIUI 5 :

 We are working on a review of the latest MIUI on all Xiaomi devices as well as non Xiaomi devices. You shall read our verdict on that soon. By that time check out on your device and let us know what you feel. The looks are simply stunning but what's more important is the thing under the skin and let's see how many improvements are there in place for this new ROM.

Please do share your experiences and feedback here.

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