What are the new features in Samsung Galaxy S6?

First to bring you the list of unique and new features of Samsung Galaxy S6. The cat is out of the box and we bring you the news from Barcelona where the World Mobile Congress is taking place. Samsung had named the development process of this phone as project zero and started working from scratch. It left no stones unturned to make it as likeable as possible. S5 had a lot of features too, but it lacked the integration. Here we see that they have given the usability much of thought and it is evident from the functionality of every inclusion.

Cutting to the news, here are the features that are going to be there:

          Intelligent Camera

In terms of specs, it will not excite you. The phone has 16MP rear camera with f/1.9 wide aperture. Front camera is 5MP with same aperture. What's new is that the pixel sensor is now larger which results in brighter image. They even did a side by side comparison with iPhone 6 camera to show how clear and bright the S6 camera is. The camera also has object tracker and optical image stabilization.

Samsung Pay             

This feature was highlighted too in the 
launch. We shall see not just NFC based payment as seen in Apple iPhone 6, we shall also have another nifty tech in our smartphone, the MFC, which works just like the magnetic strip on credit/debit card and you can use it everywhere you swipe your card, even on old POS devices.

     Fingerprint & Security

Honestly, this does sound like wannabe feature for a phone that aspires to be a competitor to iPhone 6. S6 has incorporated a fingerprint scanner but this also has another major security feature: It comes preinstalled with Knox Security which the company claims to be 'defense level' security. Now the users have even more options to set their unlock mode.

Battery & Charging      

Food for your power hungry android phones always seems less and they are hungry and crying again even before you forget that you charged them just a few hours ago. This phone claims to bring some respite. It claims of 12H on Wifi and 11H on 4G. Also 10mins of charge will give you 4H or use & 30mins of charge gives you half battery capacity. Another innovation is the inclusion of in-built wireless charging, in congruence with the PMA & Qi charging systems.

The phone will the stores worldwide on April 10, 2015. A little wait is needed if you want this phone!

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