What are the pros and cons of apple iWatch

Apple iwatch pros and cons

The Apple iWatch is soon going to hit the markets after the launch at the World Mobile Conference and we bring you its pros and cons. Till date all other smart watches that have been out there in the business have been limited to the million or so sales mark but it is expected that with the launch of the this smart watch, the smartwear market will get boiling. Apple's CEO, Tim Cook seemed quite optimistic about the sales and has strong reasons too, to believe that the device will sell over twenty million pieces in a year. Interestingly, other companies too are entering this newly created market simultaneously and we are yet to see who turns out to be the winner. A comparo between all the leading smartwatches shall be updated soon here.

The Pros

  • Apple ecosystem

The Apple ecosystem is something that you can never take out of equation when you consider the strength or weakness of Apple products. It is something that will always be a part of the integration that binds the entire family of products. Coming to the smartwatch, it is evidently clear that it will work in conjunct with the iPhone and will make your iPhone experience even better. You can have an even better experience with the Apple's smart TV and control other things too, just from the watch as the technology platform need not be set-up independently for the watch.

  • Apps

The Appstore is another big plus for the iWatch. With the plethora of the apps to choose from, Appstore forms a major crowd puller. The company has announced that there shall be over 100,000 apps ready just for the iWatch by the time the device ships in early April. This is a huge number. A hundred thousand apps for a watch? That's phenomenal. We also know that the potential for exploiting this gadget to it's extreme will be possible with the massive number of apps that will make the experience for the users fulfilling.

  • Features

When it about features, we all squint our eyes to read out even the fine prints. It's the biggest marketing strength of Apple that it not just includes exciting and innovative features but it makes it easy to explain in one line how that feature has make this device outstanding. iWatch has many feathers to show. Just to list few features : It has a warning system to make you fitter. It works such that when you sit at a place watching TV for more than say two hours then then it will vibrate and show a message asking you to move or stretch to make you healthy. It will replace your car keys and finally you can have a keyless entry. In some allied manufacturers like Mercedes and Volvo, you may even start and stop the engine, music, headlights and what not? To be a realist, don’t expect to drive using this watch like James Bond in tomorrow never dies.

  • Customized notification

How many times has it happened that you got disturbed by the Whatsapp ping from a group that you hate but cannot mute? Apple is pretty smart with that. They have claried that the watch will not just blindly alert you with every messages, pings and spam mails about million pound lottery. You can select what and who’s notification to show on your screen. This is a great features from Apple and people are going to like it it if it works perfectly.

  • GOLD and gleam

There shall be two versions of iWatch to be launched. One is the basic version with the standard apple quality (read plastic). We expect that it will be similar in construction and build quality like iPhone 5c. Tim Cook said that it will priced around $350. Another model is the gold version, iWatch GOLD. It will come at more than $999 and will be a fashion accessory. Why should a smartwatch be just for nerds? Apple is working on this philosophy to make it a cool fashion accessory.
The Cons

  • Battery life

Every day, we are already pissed off charging the smartphone battery, tablet battery and even the laptop battery who needs a watch that needs charging everyday! iWatch needs to be charged every night on normal usage and even early on intense use like sports activity tracking. A big NO from most people. There are devices like Pebble, which runs for seven days straight. 

  • Apple ecosystem

The Apple ecosystem is a big con too. Buying an Apple iWatch will also mean that I have to lock into the Apple’s ecosystem. I have to have an iPhone, iPad, iTV and every other future device starting with letter i. I want to move beyond the ‘i’ then I have to discard a lot of expensive gadgetry that ‘I’ have collected over the years. A bad thing really for any prospective buyer, especially considering the flourishing ‘open system’ of Android world. Why should I get stuck with a proprietary product line?

  •  Apps

Most of the apps will be paid and every cool app at least will be a paid one. Now even if you consider over a hundred thousand apps, it is still a subset of what android has to offer. Moreover it takes much less time for an android app to hit market than Apple’s.

  • Price

At $350, it’s a bit overpriced considering the plethora of options that are out there and many of them more functional at fraction of cost. Many which are more beautiful at similar price. Price wise, Apple is not price-wise.

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