Must have accessories for Renault Duster

Ok, so you have got a shiny new Renault Duster. To enhance the overall experience of the car, we recommend you the following must have accessories for this amazing SUV:

please feel free to add some of your own in the comments below, if you think we missed out on one!

Galaxy dust cover : RATING 4.5

You don't want your Duster to get Dusty? Get a dust cover on day 1 to keep dust away from your shiny new beast

Check out the Galaxy dust cover at (60% OFF at time of writing this article). 

Coozo 3D mats  : RATING 4.0 

Floor mats are not just to maintain hygiene but also an easy way to clean your car. Without them you have to work harder to clean them if the floor gets dirty. Needless to mention all the liquids that spill may have permanent damage on your carpet floor without a floor mat.



Renault Duster key chain : RATING 3.5

 You can get a DUSTER logo key chain for your duster. This key chain is simple design that will stand out from any other key chains and give a class to your personality.

MRP Rs199 Rs 108 on FLIPKART

renault duster wallpaper

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  1. Does the Coozo 3D mats fit properly for Renault Duster RXZ model, as i need to buy it online.


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