Alto 800 and Alto k10 door latch recall

In a recent update from Maruti Suzuki I, the company has released a notification and sent out mails to over thirty thousand owners. Maruti Suzuki shall recall Alto K10 and Alto 800 models about which here are the details:

Number of recalls
Alto K10
Door Latch
Alto 800
Door Latch

The issue is that the if the right hand side doors of these two models are half-latched then the doors are opening with some force ( more easily from inside than outside). This is a huge security risk because if you have not locked the door completely even by mistake then it might open, causing any sort of problem from theft to personal injury. 

The company claims that this problem was discovered by internal quality team but it has been reported much earlier than that by some customers. It was only in mid March that the company issued advisory for recall.

This advisory has been issued for the "Door latch assembly of the two most popular models from Maruti. The company claims that it will effect 13,318 units of Alto K10 as well as 19,780 units of Alto 800, thus a total count of 33,098 units.Though this update first came on March 10 , 2015 , it has not been completely carried out and there are still many units out there in the wild that are still vulnerable to this issue. This recall is needed only for the cars manufactured between 8 Dec, 2014 to 18 Feb 2015.  The company has made it clear that this problem may or may not be present and advisory just asks for the buyers to come over to the service center to get it checked whether a replacement is necessary. While all this may sound like another hassle for the customers, it shall be carried out free of cost at the behest of the manufacturer. 

If you own a recently purchased Alto800 or Alto K 10 car then please head over to to check if you need to send your car. Else, you could wait for a mail to arrive in your inbox regarding the recall. For your convenience, we have attached a screenshot of the check tool to ascertain whether your car is part of recall process:

maruti alto 800 recall  door latch

Just enter your chassis number in the box on the web page and click on check. Mind that the first three letters of chassis number is already entered as MA3.

alto k10 door latch issue recall

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