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Here you can find the new Bajaj models that are available in May 2015. We shall provide a quarterly list for the new bikes and their comparisons here on this page. All the prices for these models are provided here for your informational purposes. For actual price, please visit your nearest bajaj

Bajaj motorcycles are known for their new bikes that are powerful and look cool. Even the critics of these motor cycles can not deny that any model that is launched from the company will take market by the storm.

For your convenience, we divide the Bajaj motorcycles into families as given below:

  1. Pulsar family
    1. Pulsar RS200
    2. Pulsar AS200/150
    3. Pulsar 200NS
    4. Pulsar 220 dtsi
    5. Pulsar 180 dtsi
    6. Pulsar 150 dtsi
    7. Pulsar 135LS
  2. Avenger
    1. Avenger 220 dtsi
  3. Discover family
    1. Discover New 150
    2. Discover 125 M
    3. Discover 100 M
    4. Discover 100
  4. Platina family
    1. Platina 100ES
    2. Platina 100
  5. CT family
    1. CT 100
  6. Ninja family
    1.Ninja 650
    2.Ninja 300
Check out the comparison of Bajaj motorcycles here in this link:

bajaj new bikes

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