Safety locks for Bajaj Pular AS150 and AS200

Safety lock and helmet lock for Pulsar AS150 and AS200

Safety parts are essential in India because:

  1. Thefts are very common in India
  2. Recovery of stolen motor cycles is close to 0%, thanks to the efficient police force and tracking system
  3. MOST IMPORTANT POINT : you get discount over the insurance of your bike if you have any safety fitments in place.

This is the follow up to the previous post on Bajaj Pulsar AS150 and AS200 seat covers and key chains. Here we present the locks and safety accessories.


ALARM padlock (with 110db siren)

BUY @ Rs 440 on FLIPKART

If you use chain to lock your bike then better use this pad lock to secure your chain. Rather than usual Aligarh lock, this one is more secure as it sounds an alarm when it is attempted to be picked by a thief. Be tension free with this amazing lock

safety of pulsar as150 and as200

Speedway helmet lock

A secure and reliable helmet lock for your bike. If you are unable to install it then you can take help of local mechanic

Molife London heavy duty lock 

This lock can be used to secure your Pulsar AS150 against a tree, pole, grill, etc by locking your front wheel.

It is also used as a helmet lock. You can secure your helmet to the bike by this lock to prevent helmet theft.

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