Samsung Galaxy S6 Review : design and UI

Ever since Samsung became the highest seller in the smartphone market, it has had the flagship line and here we have 'Samsung Galaxy S6' which succeeds the previous Galaxy models. It was nothing unusual when we saw the hype over the launch of Samsung Galaxy at the WMC 2015 and whole world's media thronging to get the 'first glimpse' of the elusive phone.

While all this was going on, our team was still skeptical of Samsung to bring out a 'flagship killer' in the form of S6 and we had valid reasons for that. The bland predecessors Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S4 were way behind their times and had 'nothing new' to offer. Infact the year 2013-2014 saw the emergence of premium Chinese smartphones which ate away a lot of market for these phones which were priced according to the whims of the company. S5 was seemed too overpriced and underwhelming to even compare with phones priced much below it. It was not a perceived competitor to Xperia Z series or iPhone. 

And come back to May 2015 and and we have a Samsung Galaxy S6, duly borrowed from a friend for the purpose of a review and here it is. 


One of the major point of discernment for S5 was the design.The S6 was developed to be a significant improvement over the S5 and it is evident from the design. The phone features a mettalic body which feels sturdier over the previous plastics.

The screen looks better integrated to the body with lighter color bezel and the back cover too feels good in hand. The overall thickness is just 6.8mm and it feels perfect for a phone of this size. While Galaxy S6 edge looks way better than S6, this phone too looks good.

User Interface

The UI is same, the TouchWiz which feels non intuitive and archaic with the childish looking icons. We need this to improve as even the budget phones have better UI these days.


While navigation is not too touch but then the problem occurs when you have to change certain toggles. My friend was baffled from last two days trying to figure out how to set up call waiting and asked me to change the setting. Such is the handicap of Galaxy S6.

PS: special thanks to Nishant Jain for pointing out some mistakes in this articles, which were eventually fixed.

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