Say hello to the Marshmallow : features and benefits of Android 6.0

Ever since the launch of the Android Lollipop last winter, there has been lot of updates happening on other mobile platforms, especially the iOS. The new update shall cover some of the lost yards with this update and will benefit newer technology integration like fingerprint sensor. This new Android version 6.0 shall be called the Android Marshmallow. This new version was officially announced by the VP, Dave Burke during the Google IO event 2015. Recently they launched the third update to the developer images in second week of September.

The Marshmallow, a popular sugar candy with a concoction of corn starch is an apt name for this update as it is evidenced that it would be just a sugar coated version of the Lollipop. This is believed because the new version is expected to have more changes in the user experience side rather than the core features which was the case with the Lollipop. Evidently, lollipop was a paradigm shift in the way the OS functioned. Firstly, it was the first implementation of the Android runtime unlike the previous versions which had the Dalvik runtime. Secondly, it changed the way the apps draw the interface on the screen, going for a scalable new system which they called the Material UI. While these changes will still be sustained in the upcoming version, certain other important changes have been done. 

Here we highlight the major changes that are there in the Android Marshmallow:

  1. Customizable app permissions
  2. Native fingerprint support
  3. USB Type-C connector
  4. Android Pay
  5. Enhanced performance and battery balance
  6. Camera2 which supports RAW images in .DNG file
Also check out the easy fixes for battery drain problems in Marshmallow and also for the slowness problems:  Easy fix for Marshmallow problems

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