Samsung Galaxy S6: Hardware and performance tests

This is a continuation of the previous one on the design and UI of Samsung Galaxy S6.

This phone has the hardware specs that you expect from a flagship, though nothing too cool. No, not that bad too. Actually we found that things have been integrated quite well with this phone and unlike the previous flagship, this holds a good value due to the excellent workmanship and usable features

Processor and Ram

The phone features a Quad cored 1.5 GHz Cortex A53 sitting beside Quad-core 2.1 GHz Cortex-A57 made as custom SOC. This results in similar to better battery backup than the S5 in spite of the increase in the screen resolution.

The graphics card is the Mali T760 and that too is no slouch in rendering the 3D games that you throw at it. All the tests we did, we also looked for any signs of heating. Samsung phones have this problem in earlier models and even here we can feel some heating. Maybe the hot weather of India is to blame but you can't deny the fact the phone heats up. I guess it will heat further during wireless charging which we could not test.

The RAM is 3GB ram which is good but nothing exemplary here as many phones under 20k has 3GB now and even we have the new Zenphone that features 4GB Ram. The Ram usage is not good either. At times, I had around 500 MB Ram free with couple of background apps and no gaming. That's pretty bad for a new phone. I guess that after installing more apps, the situation will worsen. 


This phone features one of the best screens on a smartphone today. While on paper others may be comparable but this phone steals the show with the QHD (2560x1440) AMOLED screen. The display has clarity with 577ppi which is class leading. We also know how good AMOLED displays from Samsung are in other important aspects too, including dynamic range, response time and sun readability.

What Samsung has done even better with this phone is that it still handy while maintaining the sweet spot of screen size and the screen to body ratio makes it look classy.

The top layer is the contemporary Gorilla Glass 4 which though better than Gorilla Glass 3, is not a sea changing phenomena.


S6 is a great performer in terms of raw numbers too. We passed it through a number of tests and guess what? It stands stiff against the competition. 

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