Top 5 hotel booking apps in India

Top 5 hotel booking apps in India

It was not too long ago when you had only the option of few websites like Makemytrip and Yatra. But with the advent of budget hotel apps over the mobile platform, it's not the same as before.

We went through all the pains to go through an extensive data mining to reveal that though most of the website 'claim' to be different, they are not so. Most the the rates are more or less similar if not same. The user interfaces are also very similar. The experience was generally good across all mobile platforms. We tested these apps for Android, iOS and Windows environment and in most cases there were no perceptible differences but some apps showed marked differences due to version availability or even different code. On that note, l
et's check out the apps that provide the best hotel booking experience in India.

Oyo Rooms

Oyo rooms is the fastest growing startup in India. Targeted towards the budget concious clients, it offers good amount of premium services too.


Go ibibo is the best place if you are hunting for deals. There is good selection of budget, mid range and high end rooms plus perennial discounts makes it a must have app on a smartphone

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A good aggregator of hotels. Though the searches a bit slow but you get plethora of options. We got highest number of rooms per searches on Ixigo and you can compare the prices of different providers at one place.

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An old timer and one of the pioneers of online hotel booking. The booking process is smooth and reliable. This is also an all rounder app which has clean simple interface.


Another old timer with good amount of offline presence which helps to build trust. Bad thing is the lack of good offers. Overall it is a great app as you can do other travel related bookings too.

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