7 exciting features of HTC One A9

HTC has launched the all new One A9 in the market  in Asia and is supposed to hit the online retailers from December 19 onwards in India for Rs29,990. If you are reading this in India and wish to be the first one to lay hands on this phone then better register yourself at Snapdeal here. The registrations will start at 9AM on 9th December.

This is a mid range offering from the company but there has been lot of effort put in to make this phone a mid-premium bracket phone. This is the first time the Tiawanese manufacturer has gone all metal and evidently as soon as the designs were made public pre-launch, there was a massive reaction to it. Instantly people criticized HTC of copying the iPhone's design as it had to bear the brunt of deceptive similarity. Later there was even an official statement from HTC that the phone was completely novel and they had not taken any cue from iPhone. 

Lets look at some exciting features that this phone has that sets it apart:
  1. Design : as mentioned the start resemblance to Apple's flagship is eveident. A closer look reveals that HTC has gone to great strides to make this phone as premium as possible. The buttons look classy too. Further the company is also looking forward to make the M series all metallic too in future, so should we expect a metallic HTC M10 in future?
  2. Display : not much to talk about unless we see it in person but the company claims that the 5" display is 50% more brighter than regular LCDs. It spans from edge to edge giving a pleasing screen to body ratio.
  3. Processor: a mid range Snapdragon 617 processor that's new in the smartphone world. It's Octa core with 1.7 and 1.5Ghz engines.
  4. Marshmallow : the new Android 6 finds it's way into the production phone. There is also a promise that they shall release a future upgrade within 15 days of getting update for Nexus.
  5. Audio : the company promises the same audio quality appreciated on M8 and later phones from HTC. It also offers a default upsampling of 16 bit to 24 bit audio, though that is NOT expected to magically improve sound quality.
  6. Camera : 13 MP autofocus, Optically stabilized with a fast lens at f/2.0 this could be a great camera phone at this budget. Thumbs up for native support for RAW photos and hyperlapse videos.
  7. Customization : HTC will allow it's users more freedom to set things up. Let's see how it works up. HTC has been a forerunner in cool UX designs.

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