Freedom 251 scam phone!

In a country like India, it takes hardly a few pages of ad and some free reviews on half baked websites to create a buzz, commotion. In just 2 days, Freedom 251 phone has caused a huge upheavel in the entire country.

Laced with lavishing features like 4" screen, 1.3Ghz processor, 1Gb ram, etc, it is definitely something that everyone would be ready to have as a second phone apparently even if priced at Rs1000, it would still be a steal. Let's do some reality check.

Reality check number 1 : Domain name which is shown as the official website of the company selling this phone is as fishy as the phone. Let's not talk about the unstable and crashing website with a non functional payment gateway. Lets simply look under the skin on the domain registration details on which shows the following info.

You can see very clearly that website was registered on February 10th 2016. Any professional company that registers a week before the launch of the phone rings a BIG RED signal in anyone's mind.

Reality check number 2 : Ministry of Corporate Affairs

On the official MCA website, we can see that company is barely 5 months old. 2 of the directors are registered on Nov 2. The company shows a fake address here which is different from Noida address shown in the newspaper ad and the website details on

Reality check number 3 : iPhone copy or Adcom ?

Mismatch between the design shown in the ad and one on the website and samples sent to media houses. The samples sent were simply phones by in importer of Chinese phones called Adcom, with whitener added on logo. Yes you read it right. Those shown in the website and ad are also either this or alternatively an image of iPhone!!!

Reality check number 4 : Defence minister to launch a phone???

Joke of the year! What more to say about this photoshopped picture. There were headlines roping in central ministers as well as state ministers into launching this freedom for all phone at Rs 251. Someone is learning photoshop!

Reality check number 5 : the existence of logic and maths

Thankfully we still live in a world without freedom where things are governed by maths and logic. Even the IPS display of 4 inches would not come for Rs250. All of this together must retail at around Rs3000 minimum.

I think you must have got the hindsight that this is too good to be true, if not then please dont miss the chance to buy it in the next flash sale at (mind you) 6am tomorrow to avoid rush hour crashes!!!

Read about what features are claimed by this company here :

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