What are the world's top 10 selling phones?

Surprisingly, none of the phones launched in the last few years feature in this list. Another surprise is absence of "Apple" from the list. Another interesting find is that none of these are smartphones or even a feature phone for that matter.

What is clear is that today the manufacturers face stiff competitions and cannot eat up a large part of the market share. Another reason for today's phones not being on the list is that. Phones from each manufacturer have internal competitions and there are so many Galaxies that you can't count on your fingers.

Lets give you the list of top 10 phones right away:

Top 10 best selling phones in the world
Rank Model Release year Sales to date
1 Nokia 1100 2003 250m
2 Nokia 1110 2005 250m
3 Nokia 3210 1999 160m
4 Nokia 1200 2007 150m
5 Nokia 5230 2009 150m
6 Nokia 6600 2003 150m
7 Samsung E1100 2009 150m
8 Nokia 2600 2004 135m
9 Nokia 1600 2006 130m
10 Moto RazR 2004 130m

You can see clearly that Nokia takes 8 positions in the top 10. Yes, there was a time when it did seem invincible and that was not too long ago!

Closer to today, Samsung Galaxy S4 sold over 80 million phones and i Phone 5 model had over 70 million buyers around the world.

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