Easy fix for Marshmallow slowness and battery drain

Once people updated to the new marshmallow, problems started coming in. If you feel stuck with this new update, here are some tips and recommended apps that could help you somewhat.

One of the main issues plaguing the users is battery drain. People have complained about up to 20% less battery backup after the update has come up. There are of course some easy fixes to these battery drain problems. However for someone who is not a power user things have gone downhill in this department. If you are a power user then you could install a custom CPU clock management app like No Frills CPU. It could help you get better backup.

Another complain that is common and also a major pain for users is the sluggishness of the phone. Right from Nexus to Moto G, many phones have become slow. Some speed loss came just after the update and further slowness came after few days of usage. Try to keep all of the  media contents on the external memory card. This can free up your internal memory and keep apps faster. Secondly you could kill apps running in the background using Hibernate app that can freeze auto start apps.
Third common problem is that of app close. Many apps are randomly closing. It's frustrating to see apps freezing without any valid reasons. Another problem is of memory management. KitKat was King of memory and since then things have not been good. You can overcome this with huge amounts of RAM but for phones with 1GB or less RAM, keep using KitKat based ROM. There is no direct way to address this issue. If you know of some way, please post in the comments below.

Final tip is to wipe your system cache. The process will vary from phone to phone but you can Google the process for your specific model.

Arindra Mishra

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