Cheapest GTX 1060 in India

The GTX 1060 3Gb is mid range card suitable for any 1080p game in 2018. It should also work ok for mid and low settings in some 4k play as well.

You can use this link to get it for ~Rs19000 on Amazon India during the sale:

7 easy tips for cheaper flight tickets

here are some very easy tips to cut down flight costs.

4 simple car safety tips.

Here are some simple tips for your and your co-passenger safety when it comes to driving around. While the technology outstretches itself to provide us with cushions like ABS, EBD, Air bags, etc, old school seat belts still form the major backbone of safety. 

1. An impact at even 48kmph is same as falling from 3rd floor of building(9m)*

Image result for seat belt

Similarly, an impact at around 103 kmph is same as falling from 14th floor and hitting the ground!!!

NEVER think that you need seat belts only at high speeds. Even at low speed collision it saves from injuries. In fact at lower speeds the air bags may not deploy and at high speeds, the seat belts provide you with most of the barrier and aid the air bags considerably and technically they are much more important than any other thing, including air bags. Simply put : always wear a seal belt. 

*You can punch in any height to check the impact velocity here. Note that typical building floor is around 3m high. 

2. Always, adjust the head restraint to cover your head. 

This will prevent severe head and neck injury in case your vehicle turtles up(goes upside down). The importance of this small little barrier to your safety is such that it's a mandatory requirement in many races around the world to pass a severe impact test otherwise car is deemed unfit for racing. Also never remove the head rest completely, as that may lead to severe fatigue injury to your neck even in course of regular driving.

Image result for head restraint car          image source :

3. Always be in control of your speed. 

Follow speed limits for your own as well as safety of others. Most of the crash tests including the famous European NCAP tests are done in too optimistic circumstances*. In real world, you can never be sure of safety even with all the advertisement promising you 6 air bags and collision protection systems. Most of the accidents at lower speeds are minor while most high speed collisions make their way into statistics. This does not mean that you need to drive at a snails pace but try to stay within the speed limits and drive in your comfort zone. Added benefit is having lower bills for your fuel costs.

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*NCAP tests are done at 64kmph with static target which is 'similar' to 2 cars colliding each other, each travelling at 32kmph.

Don't talk on phone while driving. 

This is lots of potential for safety concerns. Distraction is one of the causes of accidents and could be easily avoided. Even speakerphones can be dangerous as physically you may have hands on the wheel but your mind is somewhere else. Your reaction time may increase or you may not see an approaching danger. Also, the habit of texting or working with an app while driving is even more dangerous than talking over phone. Secondly, and less importantly it's the cellular radiation buildup so you should avoid prolonged conversation while inside your vehicle.

Image result for driving

Image result for driving

It's best to park and get outside the car and finish your call. This may sound strange but making a call inside your car induces the buildup of cellular radiation inside the car cage, way beyond the SAR limits at times. It exposes not just you but others into harmful radiation and any conversation beyond a few seconds should be avoided.

Get outside and talk>Park and talk>Speaker phone >  handset conversation while driving > Any hand held activity with phone like texting. 

Lower your window pane while reversing and parking in closed spaces.  

At times, you need aural feedback in addition to the visual feedback, especially while reversing your car. The mirrors don't show you everything and there may be parked vehicle in your track right in the blind spot or some people in the worst case. Being able to listen for people calling for help could be essential in these cases. At times I have saved a poor dog that would be sleeping under the wheels or prevented hitting a randomly parked two wheeler outside my initial sight when I heard the cry for caution.

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I had witnessed a potential death at an instance. My brother in law was reversing his car from the parking lot, right when he started to reverse, a small girl came in her kid scooter and fell collided with the car. It was invisible as she was too low from the line of sight of the rear view mirror. As the car kept on reversing, she came under the wheel and was about to be crushed. Thankfully by this time, we rushed to gesture him to stop immediately and take the car slightly forward and pulled the kid out. She survived with minor injury to the legs.
Feel that anything is missed out, please leave a comment below. It will be added to the list.

How to download whatsapp for windows 10, 8 , 7 , XP ?

Whatsapp is one of the world's most loved smartphone app. You can find it on billions of devices in the world. Right from Android to iOS to legacy devices, it is the ubiquitous chat service. Some people prefer using the full sized keyboard on laptops and desktops for Whatsapp. This had lead to the development of Whatsapp Web. This launch was covered here at Techrasta long time back. Now let's see how to download the Whatsapp desktop app, which was launched somewhere around 2016. This is valid for Windows 10, 8.1, 8. 7 and XP for Windows 64 bit and 32 bit architecture. A new updated version was released recently and this post provides the links to the same.

Method A ( latest version options)

Click on "Download for Windows (64 -bit) " to download the installer ~88mb in size.

Note :  You may select 32-bit version if your windows is 32 bit. You can check this by right clicking on My Computer and selecting Properties.

Method B ( direct link for whatsapp download)

windows 32-bit --->  click here    (~ 78mb)    ( Win 10, Win 8.1, Win 7, XP)
*** windows 64-bit --->  click here    ( ~88mb)    ( Win 10, Win 8.1, Win 7)

*** recommended if you are unsure, try this first.

We checked the compatibility of Whatsapp Desktop app software for Windows 10 64-bit.

Easy fix for Marshmallow slowness and battery drain

Once people updated to the new marshmallow, problems started coming in. If you feel stuck with this new update, here are some tips and recommended apps that could help you somewhat.

One of the main issues plaguing the users is battery drain. People have complained about up to 20% less battery backup after the update has come up. There are of course some easy fixes to these battery drain problems. However for someone who is not a power user things have gone downhill in this department. If you are a power user then you could install a custom CPU clock management app like No Frills CPU. It could help you get better backup.

Another complain that is common and also a major pain for users is the sluggishness of the phone. Right from Nexus to Moto G, many phones have become slow. Some speed loss came just after the update and further slowness came after few days of usage. Try to keep all of the  media contents on the external memory card. This can free up your internal memory and keep apps faster. Secondly you could kill apps running in the background using Hibernate app that can freeze auto start apps.
Third common problem is that of app close. Many apps are randomly closing. It's frustrating to see apps freezing without any valid reasons. Another problem is of memory management. KitKat was King of memory and since then things have not been good. You can overcome this with huge amounts of RAM but for phones with 1GB or less RAM, keep using KitKat based ROM. There is no direct way to address this issue. If you know of some way, please post in the comments below.

Final tip is to wipe your system cache. The process will vary from phone to phone but you can Google the process for your specific model.

What are the world's top 10 selling phones?

Surprisingly, none of the phones launched in the last few years feature in this list. Another surprise is absence of "Apple" from the list. Another interesting find is that none of these are smartphones or even a feature phone for that matter.

What is clear is that today the manufacturers face stiff competitions and cannot eat up a large part of the market share. Another reason for today's phones not being on the list is that. Phones from each manufacturer have internal competitions and there are so many Galaxies that you can't count on your fingers.

Lets give you the list of top 10 phones right away:

Top 10 best selling phones in the world
Rank Model Release year Sales to date
1 Nokia 1100 2003 250m
2 Nokia 1110 2005 250m
3 Nokia 3210 1999 160m
4 Nokia 1200 2007 150m
5 Nokia 5230 2009 150m
6 Nokia 6600 2003 150m
7 Samsung E1100 2009 150m
8 Nokia 2600 2004 135m
9 Nokia 1600 2006 130m
10 Moto RazR 2004 130m

You can see clearly that Nokia takes 8 positions in the top 10. Yes, there was a time when it did seem invincible and that was not too long ago!

Closer to today, Samsung Galaxy S4 sold over 80 million phones and i Phone 5 model had over 70 million buyers around the world.